I want to know…

Naisip ko lang…

Alam kong hindi madali maging part ng LGBT community dito sa Pilipinas dahil nga sa impluwensya ng Simbahang Katolika o nang pananampalatayang Kristiyano (sa pangkalahatan) sa mga paniniwala, pag-uugali, at kung ano-ano pa. Pero naisip ko lang, mas madali ba na aminin ng lalaki na isa siyang bakla kaysa sa umamin ang babae na isa siyang lesbiyana? Hindi ko inisasantabi ang mga kaso ng pang aabuso sa mga bakla pero kasi, parang mas “open” ang mga bakla sa kanilang pagiging bakla kaysa sa mga tibo. Tanong lang…

(Just wondering..

I know that it is not easy to be a part of the LGBT community here in the Philippines because of the influences by the Catholic church or the Christian faith (in general) in our beliefs, attitude, etc. But I want to know, is it easier for males to confess that they are gay than for females to confess that they are lesbians? I am not setting aside the fact that cases of abuse on gays are still prevailing. But it seems that gays are more open in terms of their sexuality than lesbians do. Just a question…)

Do take note how conservative the Filipino culture is. Again, this is just a question/thought and if my post seems ignorant on certain details, do enlighten me. I would really appreciate it. :)

Yes Hi Adulthood

I just resigned last week from my work and currently applying to different companies. Feeling unsatisfied and lazy in school is something, but feeling the same in work is a totally different story. Quitting in work has far more consequences that does not affect you only in the short-run but for a long time as well. I just hope I’ll be able to find work ASAP because it’s hard to be broke and shiz.


I just turned 21 last Thursday. I used to get excited whenever my birthday approaches but this year, it felt like an ordinary day. I am grateful for my friends and loved one for making me feel special for my day but I am still not as excited as I used to. Probably because once you get old and realize that you need to work for yourself and for the future, you tend to be more focused on doing it. Once you reach your twenties, you are more oriented in fixing your life and what’s ahead.

So for y’all still under 20s, enjoy life as much as you can. I am not saying that being in your 20s will make you only do serious stuff; you still get to enjoy and all. But 20s, for me personally, is that time when you start doing things that must benefit you for long, long periods.

Early Morning Craving

Just a clarification: not pregnant. Nope.

I’m just stuck here in front of the laptop when suddenly I start craving for a burger. I miss having BBB’s 3 cheese explosion which I think will forever be my favorite!

(Photo not mine. Credits to the owner.)

I miss how the cheese just oozes with ever bite I take! Yum. And with the size of the regular burgers here in the Philippines, BBB’s are definitely a treat. Also, with its very affordable price, it really made me want it more and more.

Any other recommendations for good and affordable burgers?

If only I’ll be less of a lazy ass and more vocal of what I want to do or achieve… Maybe.. Maybe.. UGH. I want a lot of things, but I am doing not a single sht to achieve it.

Damn. Sucks.