Take up the role

So, I’ve been working for 3 weeks now. I am actually quite blessed to be employed even before finishing my degree. There may have been some challenges during my first 2 weeks since I still have classes but I am able to do all things required of me.

I just realized how hard it is to spend your salary even on important things. And I really feel shameful to actually ask my Tatay for money this coming week since I almost spent all my first salary (yes, I know. Have to learn how to manage my money wisely).

Which made me realize how thick-faced someone I know who do not mind letting my parents pay up for everything he/she is supposed to pay for. I am actually not that OK with the fact that I have to ask my parents again for money, but I have to.

I just hope that he/she will wake up one day and realize what he/she is doing.

Inside Mama Chit’s in Marikina. Getting some Cubao X vibes! :) #interior #vintage

I hope for the best
Never for the worst
If only I can be given one wish
Just one
It will be to have you
Forever and

Does love have a standard formula in knowing whether it is the one or not? How do we know that who we love right now is the same person we will love in five, ten years?

I don’t know anything about love that other people have experienced. I only know the love I know and felt. If asked a year or two ago if sidetracked love can be rekindled, I would have said no. But funny how life can really change what you once knew was right, and slap you right in your face and say: YOU KNEW IT FALSELY.

I never would have expected to be in the situation I am in right now. I never guessed for it to be possible even if I want to. Who would have thought that after all those kinds of love I experienced before, this certain love never died. It may have been put aside for quite some time but it never left. I kept ignoring it but I guess I was never successful. I only hoped I had the courage to say how I felt but maybe it happened so I can learn a lesson or two.

I am happy how I am given another chance to be with that person. I hope this will not end, again. I am happy being with that person and I love every minute I spend thinking about that person.

Faux Facade of Perfection

Sometimes we tend to doubt others just because we feel everything is too perfect. We’ve been taught, once we grew up, that nothing is perfect. It may seem perfect, yes. But deep down that facade of perfectness lies imperfection that once revealed, shows rottenness and ruin.

Are we not supposed to feel satisfied or happy with what we have, and be often pursued by jealousy? We tend to care too much of what had been and often miss what we have. We try to ruin something perfectly fine, until we realize that what we hope not to happen, happens. In the end, we continue to doubt everything - doubting the opportunity of happiness to come knocking.

In reality, it has knocked several times, we’re just too afraid to let it in. Being human does not rob us the opportunity to feel perfection, even if this world gives us every reasons not to.